6 tips to style your hijab on your wedding day

January 7, 2019

How to style hijab on wedding day - bridal hijab style

Your hijab is one of the most important considerations for your wedding day. It’s the piece that ties in your entire look, the cherry on top you could say. It has always been the most difficult piece to put together for a bridal look, but in 2019, that is no longer the case.  While styles may look simple and effortless, a lot of work goes into making sure all the elements (the fabric, pinning and accessories) sit just right.  Here are some tips to help you style your hijab on your wedding day.

1. Find the right hijab wrap/fabric

how to style your wedding day hijab
styling ofSireen’s Hijab on her wedding day

It’s all about the right wrap! Finding a hijab in the color and fabric that you need to match your wedding dress has always been a strenuous task. When I got married, it involved trips to several different fabric stores across the city, online shopping (before it was reliable), hand beading some pieces… basically trial and error that left me exhausted and frustrated. I even ran out of time to find a proper seamstress to hem my hijab and just used the entire 2.5 m to wrap and make a fabric flower. I was high-key wishing I could walk into a specialty store, select from a myriad of shades of white and get it all done in one place.

BlancElle is a one-stop online shop, that I wish existed back when I planned my wedding! They take care of everything and specialize in everything bridal hijab. From hijab wraps, bonnets to bridal accessories. It’s the go to for a hijabi bride. There, you can find 3 different hijab colors in a chiffon fabric. Chiffon is the best fabric for a bride because of its flowy drape and lightweight feel. If you have ever shopped white fabric, you know there are a million different shades of white. That could be the trickiest part to finding the right piece. But when it comes to bridal, there are three most common bridal colors used for gowns, that is White, Ivory, and Dark Ivory.

2.Use a bonnet to help your hijab stay in place

how to style wedding day hijab - bridal hijab
Ivory Bonnet from BlancElle

Once you have found your hijab wrap, you match a bonnet for underneath. The bonnet is essential in keeping your hijab in place throughout your wedding night. It will ensure that you feel comfortable rather than worrying about the hijab falling off or moving.

3. Use the right kind of pins, for the look you want

how to style your hijab on your wedding day - bridal hijab
Fadia getting her hijab styled on her wedding day.
Wedding day hijab style by Hanan Tehaili - Bride in Ottawa - Hijabi Bride
Pearl pins are used to create a gorgeous ruffle detail on the back of Fadia’s wedding day hijab.

Yes, there actually is a wrong kind of pin depending on what you are going for. The ones to use are dressmaker pins with flat heads. They have minimal impact on the overall look because they are slim and don’t have an overly visible head. If you’re going for a fancier look with the pins, you can use something with a decorative head (crystal or white pearls, keep it classy!), but for the foundation and to keep the hijab in place, use the straight pins.

4. Bridal accessories can go a long way, but consider your entire wedding look together

wedding day hijab inspiration - hijabi bride - blancelle
This gown is totally glam and the accessory accentuates without looking over-the-top. Styled in BlancElle.

To make a decision on a bridal headpiece or accessory you must think about whether you want to include a veil or not. And if so, what type of veil will you be choosing. To help with your decision, you should think about what would complement your wedding gown. For example, if your dress has plenty of lace details, you may want to include a lace trim veil to match them. If the lace has beaded details, in this case a bridal headpiece may over crowd the look. The goal is to bring everything together with simplicity and elegance. I think a veil is a beautiful addition to a full bridal look, however, some people prefer to go without it. A veil-less look means you can have more fun with your headpiece and go big with a statement piece if your gown is more simple. If you have a gown with lots of detailing, like our model in this photo, you can still go with a glam headpiece, just select something a little more understated to ensure the final look is not over-done.

5. Style your hijab in the way that suits you most

Wedding day hijab style
Rasha created this bridal hijab look on her own!

You have all your bridal pieces, the bridal wrap, bonnet, and headpiece and now to figure out how to put them all together. The best thing you can do for yourself is to style your hijab in a way that most suits you. A way, that makes you feel and look like yourself. You can easily make the mistake of wanting to do something big and different because it’s your wedding day and you want to stand out, but it may lead to some regrets.  The key is to make your hijab style look clean, sleek, and timeless! Consider the cut of your gown, if it is a sweetheart neckline that you want to cover, you can style your hijab to drape over your chest while still making the style look like perfection. There are some great tutorials online, here are two I love by Hanan Tehaili and Dina Torkia.

6. Make sure your style will last, practice makes perfect!

Wedding day hijab style - bride puts on her hijab
Nour styling her hijab on her wedding day.

In the hustle of a wedding day, once your hijab is set, you will rarely have time to tweak it later on. Go with a style that is comfortable (i.e. allows you to talk/eat without pressure), and will stay in place all day without tweaking. Definitely practice getting it on ahead of time, this will also make you a pro and can save you time on the wedding day.

Things to consider when styling your hijab:

– Do you want to show your bonnet or hide it?
– How far or close do you want the headpiece? close to your face? Closer to the back?
– Veil placement
– Do you want to wear your bun high or low?

You won’t know what works for you unless you try, so give yourself a little time before your wedding day to figure out what you want.

Either way, you will make a beautiful bride on your wedding day. Wear your smile, remember to enjoy the moments as they happen and take it all in!

Download your wedding hijab shopping checklist here.

Shop everything bridal: www.blancelle.com

Additional video by Hanan Tehaili

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How To style your hijab on your wedding day - muslim bride and groom