How Your Wedding Can Help to Kickstart Your New Life

November 13, 2020

For the vast majority of people, their weddings are among the most significant, powerful, uplifting, and symbolically meaningful moments of their entire lives – and, of course, that’s exactly how it should be.

A partnership is formed, and the way you’ll start your new life together is an important part. Besides the wedding planning, it’s important to discuss the relationship as a whole, and how it will continue moving forward.

Of course, your wedding will always tend to “kickstart your new life” naturally and automatically, anyway. But there are certainly specific benefits that you should keep in mind, and specific circumstances you should take advantage of, in order to help make sure that your wedding really propels you forward into the new chapter of your life in the most dynamic and uplifting way possible.

Here’s how your wedding can help to kickstart your new life.

  1. By inspiring you to go after your dreams and aspirations

One thing that your wedding will do, is to give you a great rush of optimism, well-being, and a sense of possibility.

This makes the period surrounding a wedding a great opportunity to plan, dream big, and begin the process of going after your dreams and aspirations while you still feel that incredible surge of possibility and motivation. It might mean making a real and substantive commitment to starting the business of your dreams, or getting the ball rolling and planning for your future family if that is your choice.

In any case, there are few times where it’s better to dream bigger than right after your wedding.

2. By serving as a psychological “new chapter” opener

Part of the reason why New Year’s celebrations are so dynamic and popular around the world, and why New Year’s resolutions are such a powerful and enduring tradition, is because the New Year marks a natural and perfect psychological “new chapter opener” and “clean slate” that can help people to undergo a process of reinvention in earnest.

Your wedding can achieve the same thing as the New Year, but in a much more significant and dramatic way.

If there’s anything you want to do in your life – a  “new you” that you want to move towards, a set of habits that no longer suit you, or a set of great and uplifting new avenues you want to go down, then your wedding can serve as a perfect start to that new chapter.

Again, you can honour this powerful situation by jumping into your new life post-wedding with enthusiasm, purpose, and a clear sense of the kind of person you want to be going forward.

3. By getting you more focused on and invested in the future

One major problem with achieving goals, pursuing dreams, and getting the most out of our lives, is that it is often a lot easier to come up with positive ambitions in the abstract than it is to stay consistent with regards to pursuing them in practice.

A large part of the reason for this is the simple fact that most of us are often not really that focused on, or even necessarily invested in, the future – but instead go from day to day in a virtually unconscious way, going through our normal routines by rote.

Your wedding will almost certainly have the effect of naturally getting you more focused on, and invested in, the future. You are beginning a new chapter of your life with your partner.

This sense of greater focus on, and investment in the future, can provide a wide variety of benefits.

4. By helping you and your partner to take the next step forward in your lives together

Marriage is, of course, a way for loving and committed partners to take the next step forward in their lives together.

While your relationship might have been totally loving, committed, and long-standing before your wedding, getting married can certainly help you and your partner to reaffirm your feelings and commitment to one another, and to step forward boldly into the future, and the adventure that awaits you both.