5 reasons to put away the iPhone & hire a professional

May 9, 2016

Ottawa family photo - lifestyle - dows lake
Written by: Hafsa Pathan
Photos by Photography by Emma
I love saving money, but I also love to splurge on things that matter to me – and one of things I love to splurge on is professional photography! I’ve hired photographers to do newborn shoots, cake smashes and first birthday shoots, and I’ve got plenty more planned for the year.

Here’s why I hire a professional rather than set up my selfie stick:

1. This is their bread and butter – meaning they have years of experience and some even have professional training. They are photographers, whether part-time or full-time, it’s still something that helps pay the bills. This means they are invested in taking GREAT pictures for your family.

Ottawa family photo - lifestyle - central experimental farm, fall family

2. Your sessions will be planned out, meaning the settings and any props will be planned in advance. Your photographer is a pro – they’ve done it before so they know exactly the right places and things to add to your shots.

adorable baby - ottawa family photography, 6 months
3. One word: re-touching. There is a difference between re-touching minor things and Photoshop, and I’m talking strictly about the former. Your photographer can adjust the lighting and make sure your pictures have the perfect amount of exposure.

Ottawa family photo - lifestyle - ornamental gardens

4. Sure, your iPhone takes great pictures, but the equipment your hired photographer has is even better. Promise. You’ll get great quality images that will look amazing on your wall and in photo books – sometimes iPhone quality just doesn’t cut it.

Ottawa family photo - lifestyle - dows lake

5. The MOST important reason you should hire a photographer to take special family pictures is … SO YOU CAN BE IN THEM! If you’re a mom, you know the struggle – you’re constantly taking pictures of your kids and very rarely are you in them. Hiring a photographer means you’ll have more than just selfies with your loved ones.

So go ahead, treat yourself AND your family by hiring a professional photographer. Your children might not appreciate it now but they will love having these beautiful keepsakes when they are older. Make a day of it – go for lunch or dinner after the shoot. Your photo session should not be seen as a chore, and with the right photographer, I’m positive you’ll have a blast!