I recently had the pleasure of receiving the most beautiful costume pins in the mail from Rubina Kadir Jewellery, who is based in London. I absolutely love the quality and care that she puts into her products, they are stunning! I would urge you to check out her website, and browse the wonderful and unique collection. Her items are all hand-made with the closest attention to detail, just look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean. I chose to do these photos using ambient light and on branches to give them a warm, and regal feeling. I personally prefer to get creative with product shoots, rather than sticking to the plain white backgrounds which are often used in this type of photography.

This black and gold pin is my all-time favorite from her newest collection.

These one’s are “no-snag” pins which work wonderfully to keep your material snag- free 🙂

Keep in touch with Rubina through her social media as well, she’s always coming up with new and beautiful items.



LOVE THIS PRODUCT SHOOT. You’re simply amazing.

These pins are breath taking and you’ve done a great job at bringing the details and colours to life. Great stuff!

Thank you so much Sundus! I really appreciate it 😀