Sheena & Abe | Wedding | Byward & Villa Marconi | Ottawa

April 9, 2016

Marriages always warm my heart and no two wedding events are ever alike. Sheena and Abe come from two very different backgrounds and that is one of the beautiful things about their union. I was so excited to see how they would mesh their cultures into one wedding day and they did it with flair. Sheena wore two stunning gowns, each more beautiful than the next! Their winter wedding was beautiful down to the last detail. On one of the coldest December days, Sheena & Abe finally got married after being highschool sweethearts. I could not be happier for them, as it truly is a blessing to be united in marriage and bring together two families who otherwise had very little in common. It turns out love really does conquer all. I am starting to get sappy here, but I really was so happy to be a part of this day

They also recieved an 8×10 photobook, which is one of the best ways to preserve memories – in print!

Hair & Makeup artist: Ariana Assadi
White Dress: La Maison Boutique