Styled Flatlays ft. Wishtree design and Artisaire

October 4, 2018

Flatlays are my newfound way to get creative, so I was especially happy to play around with these suites from Wishtree Invitations. I recently custom ordered a wax seal via Wishtree from Artisaire.

Krista provided me with some suites to play around, and I got creative with what I had at home and some new backdrops that I made.

I played with some new colour combinations, and I especially liked pairing the pink Mrs.Box with the mustard Tono + Co. Ribbon (also generously provided by Krista!)

Since photography is my full time job, and it’s creative by nature, it can seem like I don’t need any creative outlets! However, I find it’s important to create just for the sake of creating and not only for clients.

Let me know what you think of these styled flatlays featuring Wishtree Design’s invites and my custom Artisaire wax seal.

0031 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg
0021 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg
0020 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg
0029 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg
0034 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg
0028 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg
0026 Flatlays_PhotosbyEmmaH_WEB.jpg