You desire a photographer who understands the importance of connection, who sees you as you are, and who can create an atmosphere where you feel valued and heard. To have your special moments captured with authenticity, without the need to micromanage.

My approach is centered on honoring your relationship together, as well as those with your loved ones. By keeping your story in mind, and allowing you to be yourselves together, I capture images that are true to you while being beautifully composed.

I believe in authentic moments and the essence of your unique journey.

In images that reflect the depth of your connections and the beauty of your most cherished memories. I believe in photographs that are meant to be printed, and hung on walls for generations.


true luxury lies in the heart of the human-centric experience.

true luxury lies in the heart of the human-centric experience.

My interest in photography was inspired by my father, an avid  hobbyist who traveled Europe and the Middle East capturing stunning landscapes. He passed down his cameras to me, and with them, a love for the art. This is my calling. 

As a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, enthralled by the artistry and elegance of clothing as a means of self-expression and art. This naturally intertwined with my career in wedding photography, where carefully chosen wedding garments play a crucial role in the narrative of the day. Each garment speaking volumes about a couple’s personality and style. 

I have a deep love for travel but the Mediterranean holds a special place in my heart. It’s rich history, ancient architecture, and timeless art inspire me profoundly. I find myself captivated by old buildings and the stories they hold, imagining the countless lives that have passed through their doors. The enduring beauty of old and beautiful art reminds me of the lasting impact that our creations can have on future generations, much like the photographs I strive to create for my clients.

a FEW THINGS about me
and my JOURNEY

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A really well made 

The heirloom gold jewelry that was my


Traveling to the Mediterranean



All things interior design & decor

The loves of my life


Here are a few of my favourite things 




ava & stephen 

Emma was our wedding photographer for our intimate summer wedding and I cannot recommend her enough. She has a positive, cheerful and just bright personality. She listened to what I had envisioned for my day.

I had been looking for a photographer for months and despite the abundance of photographers, my heart could not settle until I saw Emma’s work.


pascale & nicolas

I love that our photos will never go out of style and I feel proud to show them to others. Not only do we love our photos, but most importantly, Emma had such a calming presence on the day of. A lot of your wedding day is spent with the photographer, and we were so blessed to be around Emma's calm, supportive nature. 

We wanted a style of photography that will withstand the test of time and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. 


miranda & richard

She is an ARTIST! I mean, look at these photos!!! She was so thoughtful and cheerful on the wedding day and was a perfect mix of encouraging and calm.

Emma has a gift for making you feel like you've known each other your whole lives.


lauren & alex

You make people feel comfortable to be themselves and express their love and creativity. You captured us so well, as a couple , but also our family and friends as their authentic selves. You also went above and beyond to help us plan our day start to finish. So many of our guests commented on how hard you worked that day

Photography was the most important thing to us in our wedding - it was so nice to have that trust and confidence in Emma. 


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Honour your individuality and cherished memories with imagery that serves as a testament to a life well lived.

behind the photos

beautifully preserved and ready to inspire future generations.


On a personal note, I am a lover of books, often losing myself in new worlds.

Meeting new people and making genuine connections is a cornerstone of my joy and happiness.

I practice yoga to stay present and in tune with my body, believing that in a world where connection is increasingly challenging, being present is more important than ever.

Family is my legacy, and spending time with them is a cherished part of my life.

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