Stor by Margot Engagement Rings & Bands | Product Photography

May 18, 2020

Have you wondered where to get an engagement ring in Ottawa, before?

It was a pleasure photographing  these engagement rings for Stor by Margot. They are a jewellery company based in Ottawa. If you’re looking for an engagement ring in Ottawa, you have to check them out.

Not only are the styles timeless and classic, but you would be working with a seasoned professional who knows her way around the engagement ring. Margot is wildly knowledgeable about all things engagement rings. We are so lucky to have such talent in Ottawa.

We styled and photographed these engagement rings and bands for Stor by Margot. I loved the pairings we came up with here as well, what do you think?

Styling the second image was great, I knew I wanted soft elegance and pulling the ribbon through all the sets really ‘set’ this image apart. I love that we could create this beautiful work together.

View more of their collection on their site and don’t forget to admire the beautiful photography and selection of engagement rings (especially if you’re in Ottawa).